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UAE Transit Visa Online ProcessingAirline transit passengers travelling with a stopover at Dubai Airport (or other UAE airport) who do not leave the terminal building, do not need a UAE visa since they are not entering the UAE. Citizens of UAE free arrival visa countries do not need to pre-arrange any visa whether they are in transit or travelling to Dubai as a destination.

Any other passenger who does want to exit the airport will need a UAE entry permit. A 96 hour Transit Visa is available to visitors to the UAE. Bear in mind that visa policies and procedures can do and change at anytime and can be inaccurate, even from official sources.

You can obtain this type of visa on arrival in Dubai at the Marhaba Services counter in Terminal 1 and Visas for Dubai desk in Terminal 3. This is not guaranteed, as the granting of the visa is subject to Dubai immigration’s approval. You will need to buy at least one night in a Dubai hotel from Marhaba or Emirates to be issued a transit visa, and probably be flying in or out on Emirates Airline.

Companies such as we South Travels can apply on your behalf a 14 days Transit Visa, otherwise known as a Special Mission Entry Visa, which is different from the UAE Mission Visa that is valid for a longer stays. The 14 days Transit visa is for single entry to the Dubai, UAE only and non-extendable, this visa enables the holder to stay and travel the country for 14 days. Presumably the 14 days includes the date of entry and the exit days.

Another type of Dubai entry permit for tourist coming to Dubai or UAE that we process is a Tourist Visa. This type of visa is applicable for 14 days stay, 30 days stay and we also have 90 Days Long Term Tourist Visa. This is available to almost all nationals that cannot get a visa upon arrival and for those nationals that are not able to obtain a 14 days Transit Visa to Dubai.

The kind of visa that you require for entry into the UAE depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its planned duration.

Applying a Dubai Visa with us online is easy. Just fill up the visa application form, submit the required documents and complete our online secure payment process. You will have your visa for Dubai in 2 to 5 working days.

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  • 14 Days Transit Visa

    Transit Visa also known as a Special Mission Entry Visa is an entry permit that allows a person to stay and travel the country for the period of 14 days, non-extendable. This type of visa is best for short-term visits or travellers transiting Dubai, UAE.

  • 14 Days Tourist Visa

    Best for short term visit in Dubai, UAE to do business in the country or to meet with friends and relatives. Apply for 14 days tourist visa you will have your visa to Dubai in 2 – 5 working days.

  • 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

    Recommended for longer stays to visit the famous landmarks in Dubai and visit as well other emirates of United Arab Emirates. Apply for 30 days tourist visa you will have your visa to Dubai in 2 – 5 working days.

  • 90 Days Long Term Visa

    This type of visa is for those who wish to stay for a long period of time and for those people seeking possibilities of employment in the UAE with the same requirements as Tourist Visa. Apply for 90 days long term tourist visa you will have your visa to Dubai in 2 – 5 working days.

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